Lesson 1

Basic Rule



< "any tag" > ........... </ "any tag">

The start use < > , the end use </ >


HTML file must set a filename extension is "html", and filename must be "index". So we always named it "index.html". If you use other filename , we must enter url its name.


request url : http://www.cm-tech.co/

It is displayed "index.thml" file.

If filename is "cmt.html", we must enter http://www.cm-tech.co/cmt.html . In this case very, very rare case and we ordinary never use.

request url : http://www.cm-tech.co/ = http://www.cm-tech.co/index.html

Output text

STEP:1 Using <p> tag

<p> means "Paragraph"


If you don't use <p> tag, HTML can print any texts. But Comoputer completely can not read. To write correct description is basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

<p>Hara always eat a ramen.</p>
Comoputer(Google bot) read this is paragraph.And they understand Hara likes ramen.


Hara always eat a ramen.
Comoputer(Google bot) might read this is just string. They might not be able to recognize "Hara likes a ramen".

STEP:2 Using <h> tag

About h1

<h> means "headline"

<h> can use ><h1>~><h※>
※ is number 1~9. Ordinary we use until 4 or 5.

<h1> > <h2> > <h3> > <h4> ....

h1 tag is the most important thing for SEO

Google read and recognize WEB Site on h1's text

If you write <h1> About Apple </h1>, we must write this site about apple never orange.

h1 looks like title of book.

About h2

h2 is used as chapter of a book.

<h1> About Apple </h1>
<h2> Apple is red </h2>
<h2> Features of sweet apple </h2>
<h2> how to make juice </h2>

Let's Try

You should make html file and upload by win-scp.

Please upload in your name directory (folda)