Adopting an Illinois IBA:

Western Meadowlark

Find an Important Birding Area near your home and see how you can get involved by becoming a Site Steward or simply monitoring the birds and/or threats to birds at that site.

Volunteers play an important role in the ongoing management of IBA's in Illinois, and your involvement can make a wealth of difference!

IBA Site Stewards:

Local community members can play a vital role in furthering the goals of the IBA program. Through the IBA Stewards initiative, a local group (such as an Audubon chapter, local land trust, bird club, school group, etc.) adopts an IBA and facilitates others to get involved at the site in an environmentally sensitive way. Involvement can include organizing an education program, monitoring effort, clean-up day, or habitat improvement project. Adopting an IBA can help in the conservation of the site by spreading the word on the importance of the site and building a local group of constituents that care about the site.

Benefits of Becoming a Steward:

  • Participate in an international bird conservation program.
  • Promote a community-based program.
  • Participate in meaningful science leading to bird conservation.
  • Implement exciting projects that combine science, education, and birding.
  • Create new public outreach opportunities.

Adoption Procedures:

  1. Select an IBA site near you for adoption. Identify an individual from your group to act as the main contact.
  2. Fill out the attached simple adoption form and return to the Illinois IBA Coordinator.
  3. Work with the IBA Coordinator to arrange with the landowner(s) to adopt the site.
  4. Work with the IBA Coordinator and landowner to develop a site-specific program.

Examples of Activities:

  • An education program that engages people in learning about birds and their conservation.
  • A monitoring program that collects data to document the status of threats to the site, or the occurrence, relative abundance, breeding status, and long-term changes in bird populations and habitat.
  • A planning effort to provide avian conservation information to help guide priority-setting at the site.
  • A habitat restoration project such as invasive control or native planting.
  • An outreach program to foster community support for the IBA site such as an annual birding festival.

Contact Us:

Please contact the IBA coordinator if you are interested in adopting an IBA in Illinois.

Rebeccah Sanders
Audubon Chicago Region
1718 Sherman Avenue #210
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone: 847.328.1250
Fax: 847.328.4146