Wild Things Conference Websites Have Moved

Wild Things conferences (past and future) have moved to a new website, Wild Things Community, a nexus for grassroots Chicago region conservation. Wild Things gratefully acknowledges Audubon Chicago Region for hosting the 2007-2015 conference web sites and for their staff support of the 2007-2013 conferences. We look forward to our future collaborations. (December 7, 2015)

Wild Things 2013 Conference

Saturday, February 2, 2013
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rob Sulski, in the company of one of our youngest participants and one of our wildest, a red-tailed hawk! Photo by Jason Steger.

It was another wonderful Wild Things. Here are some comments the organizers have received…

  • “Another SUPER conference. Nothing can describe the passion and energy that flows throughout the entire day.”
  • “This is my favorite conference of all professional conferences I go to. It's so interesting!”
  • “The best Wild Things ever!!!”
  • “Nothing can compare to my 1st Wild Things experience (2009)—connecting with this community was a very special experience—now it's just like a big family reunion.”
  • “This is my second Wild Things conference. I will not miss the next. Great stuff and important conversation. Inspiring!”
  • “We should think of it in terms of a biennial plant—In the first year, energies go to establishing the strong foundation; second year, the spectacular blossoming! This and anticipation makes it all worth the wait.”
  • “Feels good to know so many people care nature may survive.”
  • “Thank you—you are a great group for getting it all organized so beautifully.”

Here are some some statistics:

  • 1163 registrants
  • 44 volunteer organizers
  • 170 presenters
  • 89 sessions plus 2 keynotes
  • 31 exhibitors
  • 10 sponsors

We will add information from speakers as we receive them—please check back. If you were a speaker, please remember to send materials that you would like posted to us. A copy of the program book is also included—please share it with local groups or individuals who may be interested in our conference or presenters.

And if you want to be part of keeping the momentum going, email us your ideas or become a fan of Wild Things on Facebook .

Thank you all for making it the great day it was!

The people who brought you Wild Things

Conference Co-Chairs: Jane Balaban, North Branch Restoration Project; Mary Lou Mellon, Bird Conservation Network

Program Committee: Karen Tharp, The Nature Conservancy; Greg Rajsky, Lone Oak Fen; Judy Pollock, Audubon Chicago Region; Pete Jackson, Deer Grove; Benjamin Cox, Friends of the Forest Preserves; Karen Glennemeier, Habitat Project; Stephen Packard, Somme Prairie Grove; Michelle Uting and Jacqui Ulrich, Forest Preserve District of Cook County; Abigail Derby, Field Museum; Marianne Hahn, Friends of Kankakee Sands; Sophie Twichell, Chicago Botanic Garden; Mike Redmer, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Publicity Committee: Lisa Culp, North Branch Restoration Project; Tom Lang; Greg Landgraf; Christine Esposito, Terracom Public Relations, Inc.

Logistics Committee: Gina Lettiere (Chair), Loyola University; Chris Parson (Registration Captain) Assistant Steward, Schiller Prairie, Robinson Woods, St. Paul Woods; Marilyn Schweitzer and Tom Lang, Habitat Project; Catherine Tabares, Northeastern Illinois University; Judy Pollock and Janis Wesley, Audubon Chicago Region

Support Desk: Tom Lang, Habitat Project

Exhibitors & Sponsors: Linda Masters, North Branch Restoration Project

Program Book and Evaluation: Jo Skoglund (designer), Illinois Audubon Society; Mary Lou Mellon, Bird Conservation Network; Kirsten Hope Walker, Environmental Education Association of Illinois

Book Signing: Kathy Garness, Plants of Concern

Map Maker: Sue Witkowski – North Branch Restoration Project

Day of Conference Volunteers: Alexandra Vecchio, Melaney Dunne, Amber Vignieri, David Steh, Ellen Bertagnolli, Ashley Erickson, Mary Buttitta, Chelsea Poeppel, Monique Sosnowski, Vanessa Barrios, Dana Buelsing, Paul Pachwicewicz, JoAnn Monge, Taylor Unwin, Jessica Morgan, Kate Faehling

Services Donated

Staff support: Judy Pollock and Janis Wesley, Audubon Chicago Region; Catherine Tabares, intern, Northeastern Illinois University

Special thanks to Carol Freeman for providing each of our speakers with a copy of her lovely calendar as a thank you gift.

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